Tottering by Gently

Armed Cocktail Party... (CL1231)



Armed Cocktail Party... is a print of the Tottering by Gently cartoon featured in Country Life Magazine on the 31st January 2018, personally signed by the artist Annie Tempest.

For those who love the outdoors and country sport, this humorous Tottering by Gently cartoon depicts a shooting party armed with their guns and selection of drinks before embarking on the day’s shoot.


This print is produced on St Cuthbert's Mill special acid free archival artboard.

The image size for a loose print is 28.5cm x 12cm (33cm x 16cm overall).

The overall mounted print size is 40cm x 25.5cm (mount is cream board).

The framed print is presented in 20mm black wood archivist moulding, complete with rope hanger over hardboard back.  The overall size is 43cm x 28.5cm.

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