Tottering by Gently

Damn near shot my wife... (CL050)



A print of the Tottering by Gently cartoon featured in Country Life Magazine on the 15th December 1994, personally signed by the artist Annie Tempest.

A hilarious Tottering by Gently cartoon for the shooting enthusiast and would make a great gift.  This cartoon by Annie Tempest depicts one gentleman apologising to Dicky for nearly shooting his wife, then generously offering for Dicky to have a pop at his own wife, who is a bit of a battleaxe!


This print is produced on St Cuthbert's Mill special acid free archival artboard.

The image size for a loose print is 28.5cm x 12cm (33cm x 16cm overall).

The overall mounted print size is 40cm x 25.5cm (mount is cream board).

The framed print is presented in 20mm black wood archivist moulding, complete with rope hanger over hardboard back.  The overall size is 43cm x 28.5cm.

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