Tottering by Gently

Tottering Hall Rosé champagne bottle, 750ml


 A bottle of excellent Non-Vintage Rosé champagne, specially presented with Tottering by Gently house neck and base labels drawn by Annie Tempest, depicting Daffy opening the bottle and firing the cork over Tottering Hall.

The champagne, LeComber et Fils, is lovingly created and aged by a multi-generational wine-growing family located in the heart of Epernay, France and is exclusively imported to the UK.   The rosé hue is created when the oenologue skillfully blends some long pressed Pinot Noir (which is red juice, as opposed to the quick pressed white pinot juice) into the blend at assemblage, before setting down in the cellars for the magic second fermentation in bottle. 

A classic brut (dry) rosé Non-Vintage, typically with 3 years age in bottle before disgorgement, this champagne is a blend of the three grapes, being Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

The Tottering Hall label is classic English humour, adds fun to special occasions and is complimented by the delicious contents of the bottle.

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