How come Frisky Partridge?

Our Frisky Partridge
We know it is quirky but in a way that suits us;  we would probably want to describe ourselves as less ordinary.  In a world where conformity becomes ever more demanded, running with the slightly off beat seems the way to go.

We have been Frisky Partridge for years.  Started back in 1998 with a very deluxe range of hampers to our corporate customers and wow did they sell well;  moreover, everyone remembered our name and brand.

And then Moonpig and Funky Pigeon came along, and who can't help but be suspicious that maybe the old FP had a hand in the inspiration behind those business names, and others like them?!

The inspiration was an old friend who burst into breakfast one morning, declaring that he was feeling "as frisky as a partridge"!  Unusual, of course, but completely usual for the individual in question (who deserves anonymity given that he is altogether serious and important in a day time capacity).  And thus was sewn the seed that has germinated into our little fluffy bundle of eclecticism.

We aim to bring you a taste of the "Best of British";  offers will vary and evolve over time and there are plenty of exciting ideas on the blocks and suppliers on hold in the zoom meeting room.  To launch, however, nothing could make us prouder than to be the unique licensee for all of Annie Tempests's amazing and funny Tottering by Gently cartoon prints.

Please do come and tell us what you think; what you'd like to see; where we could do better; or simply to say hi! We are real people and we thrive on, and respond to, feedback as if it were corn from the hopper, as you'd expect.

And for those that care, we do of course see ourselves very much as Perdix perdix, as opposed to one of those cheeky Frenchmen (Alectoris rufa)...

In the meantime, stay frisky!

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