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We've mentioned before how Tottering by Gently manages to straddle so many different situations and events.  Indeed we referred in an earlier blog to how Quentin Letts compared former UK Prime Minister Theresa May with Daffy Tottering during one of her House of Commons appearances, back in his article for The Times published in May 2019.

Extract from The Spectator Diary, 12 September 2020

And so it was with excitement when reading through The Diary in this week's Spectator Magazine (12 September 2020) that the always erudite Bruce Anderson referred to Annie Tempest’s amusing Tottering cartoon "Wild Daughters" (S215) when discussing Dr Craig Rochford's gaggle of daughters.

By way of background, Bruce was reminding of us Dr Rochford’s medical and practical genius - and also how he has encouraged his six daughters to be so driven and successful. Craig invented the Epi-Pen and Halo, the company he chairs, is in the process of producing a cost and time effective solution for rapid testing people with COVID-19 symptoms.  Definitely something that is urgently needed if we are to emerge from the vortex of tail-chasing where the CV19 pandemic is preventing any resumption of usual life in the UK, as well as in the wider world.  Moreover, it should be extremely welcome (and encouraged) by HM Government to help alleviate the current testing issues that are dominating the news and causing further angst and worry to the UK population.

Tottering By Gently special cartoon S215 Wild Daughters

Fingers crossed for success to Craig and his team.  Well done Bruce for your mental library of Tottering cartoons, as well as your inspired vinous and political musings.  And as always, thank you to The Speccie for always bringing such excellent, diverse and frank opinion week-in and week-out, as well as fending off the culture of woke where possible (see the Coop advertising Twitter spat with Andrew Neil).

Anyway, we are all about good news and good times here!  Just interesting to underline the applicability of these cartoons to so many aspects of daily life, and also to reflect on the brilliance of Annie Tempest when she sits down and puts ink to paper.

Do make sure you stay frisky!

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