William Hogarth

A Rake's Progress, Plate IV - The Arrest


A Rake's Progress is a series of eight paintings and engravings by William Hogarth.  The series was first published in print form in 1735 and shows the decline and fall of Tom Rakewell, a rich merchant's son, who comes to London and leads a life of debauchery resulting in imprisonment and ultimately being sectioned to bedlam madhouse.

'The Arrest' is the fourth of the series and depicts Tom Rakewell travelling in a sedan chair to party at St. James's Palace in celebration of Queen Caroline's birthday on St David's Day.  He is saved from arrest by the bailifs en route by his former fiancee, Sarah, who kindly pays his bail.  Unfortunately, she cannot save him from himself.

This print is produced on St Cuthbert's Mill special acid free archival artboard.

The overall loose print size is 24cm x 33cm.

The framed print is presented in 20mm black wood archivist moulding, complete with rope hanger over hardboard back with a cream board mount.  The overall size is 33cm x 43cm.

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